Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Media and Communications Site
mcs siteI just want to showcase here the MCS website for the Media and Communications Department at the University of Wales Aberystwyth, where I recently completed a B.A. The site is run by Daniel Chandler, who is a very inspiring teacher and whose intelligence and boundless energy is evident in the quality of the work contained therein.

If you haven't come across MSC before I recommend a visit because it is a real gem. Particular highlights for me include the full text of Daniel's Semiotics for Beginners, which is an amazing online resource for anyone interested in discovering what semiotics is about, for example if nothing else check out the glossary of media/cultural studies terms. In addition you will find a great discussion document on technological determinism, which I must confess I am not wholeheartedly in agreement with, and this essay about the constuction of online identities, whihc you can use to critique this site - ha ha!

I hope these few suggestions will encourage some readers to delve deeper, because the site is huge - oh and there are also a few essays by yours truly deposited there.

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