Thursday, July 28, 2005

[[IMMERSIVE]] Alternate Reality Gaming
anti robot malitia Yesterdays post dealt with the film AI. Today I want to look at part of its marketing strategy that spawned a whole new genre of onling gaming known as Alternate Reality Gaming.

Alternate Reality Gaming (also known as beasting, unfiction, or immersive fiction) is an interactive fusion of creative writing, puzzle-solving, and team-building, with a dose of role playing thrown in. It usually takes place on the internet, but can even be played out in the real world as opposed to the computer generated environments. It utilizes several forms of media in order to pass clues to the players, who solve puzzles in order to win pieces of the story being played out. Alternative Reality Gaming is controlled by a person or group of people known as PuppetMasters. These are the authors of the game’s storyline and creators of its puzzles. Many times, the puzzles that must be solved cannot be solved alone. This genre of game almost requires participation in a group or community that works together to win past the more difficult hurdles and thereby advance the story of the game.


The first true Alternate Reality Game was set in the universe of the movie AI but at a time about 40 years after the events of the movie have occurred. Here is the best article I have read about 'the Beast' game and the people who attempted to solve it known as cloudmakers.

Here is a brief history of Alternate Reality Games.

Here is the URL of cloudmakers


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