Thursday, May 01, 2008

Postmodern Phishing

Because I am the webmaster of a fairly popular site I get swathes and swathes of spam mail. Phishing mails are fairly common (along with Viagra Cialis and penis extension of course). The phishing mail quoted below was particularly audacious. It has I feel a self reflexivity awareness of its own status as a cultural (phishing) object, it has irony, it calls into question notions of authenticity and depth, quotes freely from discourses of security and commerce and calling into question Beckian notions of 'risk and trust', in short it has all the characteristics of a post modern artifact.

From:Abbey National Plc

Dear Customer
These days, fake emails are getting more sophisticated, so it can be tough to know whether an email is real or not,Test your knowledge with the Fight Phishing Challenge to learn what to look for and how to avoid a scam.This might be due to either one of the following reasons,so as a result we are making an extra security check on all of our Customers account in order to protect their information from theft and fraud.

Click on the link below and you will be taken straight to where you can activate your account.

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