Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I recall a paper by Roman Jakobson entitles "The Sex of the Heavenly Bodies" which, after analysing the gender of the words for sun and moon in a great variety of languages, came to the refreshing conclusion that no pattern could be detected to support the idea of a universal law determining the masculinity or the femininity of either then sun or the moon. Thank heaven for that!

Teresa De Lauretis, (1987). Technologies of gender: Essays on theory, film, and fiction. Theories of representation and difference. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. p4


Lighthouse said...

I have a very basic doubt ....

What is synthetic knowledge?

RodMunday said...

What is synthetic knowledge?
Synthetic knowledge is based on the distinction the philosopher Immanuel Kant made between two types of knowledge.

Kant claimed that in judgements, there were only two possible relations of a subject to its predicate. The first is analytical, where the predicate belongs to the subject, and the second is synthetic, where the predicate lies totally outside of the subject. Only synthetic judgements add new material to our conception of the subject (Kant: 1993, 35).

Well you did ask :)