Monday, January 14, 2008

Check out this amusing video of Wii bowling tournaments in senior citizen homes in the US.

For the past nine months, residents in Erickson’s old people’s homes in the US, most of whom have never picked up a video game controller in their life, have been playing Wii bowling, tennis, golf, and baseball.
With professional graphics and their own team uniforms, it seems
that Erickson are taking the tournaments pretty seriously

"I've never been into video games," said 72-year-old Flora Dierbach last week as her husband took a twirl with the Nintendo Wii's bowling game. "But this is addictive."

Nintendo has been bolstering its senior-friendly image, partnering with retirement communities, including Erickson, which has received 15 free Wiis. Nintendo has more than doubled annual profits partly thanks to the popularity of its Wii consoles. In the UK, the Wii is the fastest-selling games console in UK history, Nintendo sellin 245,653 units in four weeks.

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