Sunday, December 11, 2005

[[IMMERSIVE]] martin heideggerThe third part of my notes on Heidegger's masterwork, Being and Time is now online (Part 1, Division 1). Instead of the old codger Heidegger, I have found a picture of the young pensive Heidegger - perhaps he is proof-reading the text of Being and Time: "the Being of Dasein is in each case mine," and thinking "what on earth did I mean by that?"

Well if you follow the link, you can find out. The drill is the same as before, if you have any comments or questions about the text, please submit them by commenting on this post. I have decided to break the text into chunks, since at 187kb it was becoming a bit unweildy - and some of us still have to use 56k modems! Hopefully the navigation is pretty intuitive so that the only headaches should be with the content - he he.

link: go to the index page here

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