Wednesday, October 26, 2005

machynlleth signGood to see my home town making the front page of the BBC site yesterday (it is pronounced "Mac-HUNT-leth" btw,). The town is hosting an amateur film festival and to publicise the event Alex Randall, Nicola Arciero, Jenny Hall, John Hedley and Mark Bloomfield, decided to erect their own Hollywood sign on the hillside on Pen'Rhallt Common which can be seen throughout the town - just like the Los Angeles hillside in fact.

This is typical actually of the energy and enthusiasm of local people to create something special about living here, If anyone is around in mid Wales next Saturday (I know this is a stretch for most of you) I thoroughly recommend coming to Mach for the lantern parade and fireworks display. This is where locals march through the town carrying home made lanterns, some of which are quite spectacular

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