Tuesday, September 13, 2005

[[ZEITGEIST]] John Titor

laser light bend by gravity distortionA friend told me this story the other day about John Titor - a time traveller from 2036 who posted on bulletin boards in circa 2000. I have to say that I am not a believer, however I am really interested in the guy who was John Titor, who obviously is very intelligent and interested in speculating about possible future scenarios regarding the way civilisation is heading and has concocted a very successful cultural myth in order to present these ideas to a wider public. The thing about being the "man from the future" is that your words carry a great deal more weight and authority than they would if you were just "a man from the present".
Wikipedia has I think the best overview of the Titor phenomenon.

There is also this site, which shows some of the cool graphics from the time travel machine instruction manual that Titor used (very Back to the Future)

Finally, here is some information about Alas Babylon a novel, written in the 1950s, that deals in fascinating detail witht the aftermath of an massive atomic strike on the US, and which is said by his critics to influence Titor's account.


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I have read also about a certain “Ethan Titor” of who is said is an hispanic historian from the future.